After School Care


All School’s Out programmes are accredited by the Ministry of Social Development ensuring regulatory compliance and Staff:Child ratios are maintained.


We aim to provide programmes that are fun and exciting for the children we look after. Activities are designed to encourage participation and engagement.


Don’t comprise on quality when it comes to the care of your precious children. School’s Out is an award winning provider of OSCAR care.

School’s Out is not school.  It is a time for your child to relax and enjoy themselves.  We endeavour to make it “The best place between school and home” so the focus is on providing an environment where the children can relax and enjoy themselves.

Some of our centres are based on school grounds, whilst others utilise venues varying from public halls to purpose built childcare facilities.

If the School’s Out centre your child attends is not at a school or very close by, then we offer a van pick up service from selected schools.  Each school has a meeting place which is somewhere safe within the school grounds where our staff will come and collect the children from.  Each staff member has a list of children that are booked into School’s Out on that day and we have strict procedures to follow should any child be missing or unexpectedly absent.

Once the children arrive at the School’s Out centre they are provided with a healthy afternoon snack and water which is eaten communally.  This quiet time is a great time for sharing news and achievements, or passing information around the group. Then they have the opportunity to complete their homework before being free to enjoy the activities on offer.  It could be an art activity, quiet reading, board games, a boisterous game outside, a quiet chat with friends or working on a computer.  There is no compulsion to participate in any particular activity.

Some centres will offer specialist programmes at various times to improve a child’s performance at a particular activity.  These special interest activities are purely voluntary, and there may be an extra charge for those wishing to participate.

All children must be brought into the centre and signed in by their caregiver, not only is this a safety issue but it is also as per Ministry of Social Development policies and procedures. Children will only be released to those adults named on the child’s enrolment form.