Before School Care

Our before school care service is available at most of our centres to make life easier for busy families, or to accommodate parents with an early start to their work day.  All children must be brought into the centre and signed in by their caregiver as per Ministry of Social Development policies and procedures.

Most centres provide a breakfast of toast, basic cereal and milo.  If the centre doesn’t have the facilities to provide breakfast, your child is most welcome to bring a packed breakfast to eat at our centre.  Please ensure that you deliver your child to us before 8am if you wish them to have breakfast with us.

Quiet activities will be available for your child to do until it is time to go to school.  We will make sure your child gets to class in time, delivering them to school in one of our vans if the centre is not within the school grounds.  If the school is within easy walking distance then our staff will accompany the children using the ‘walking school bus’ model.