Benefits Of Partnering With School’s Out


All School’s Out programmes are accredited by the Ministry of Social Development ensuring regulatory compliance and Staff:Child ratios are maintained.


We aim to provide programmes that are fun and exciting for the children we look after. Activities are designed to encourage participation and engagement.


Don’t comprise on quality when it comes to the care of your precious children. School’s Out is an award winning provider of OSCAR care.


Our After School programmes provide a healthy and nutritional afternoon tea. All food is eaten communally in a civilized manner with all children being seated. This quiet time is a great time for sharing news, sharing achievements and passing information around the group.


The opportunity is available for all children to do their homework at our centre. Staff homeworkwill assist but not complete it for them. If it is important to you that your child does their homework at School’s Out then please discuss this with the Programme Manager.

Skill Development Programmes

Some centres at various times will offer specialist programmes designed to improve a child’s performance at a particular activity. These special interest activities are purely voluntary and could include arts and crafts, sports coaching, performing arts, I.T. etc. There may be an extra charge for those wishing to participate in these activities.


Communication is a vital part of ensuring that the needs of your child and family are being met. A notice board at each centre enables us to make sure you are kept up to date with any upcoming events, activities within the centre, exciting changes and any other additional information. Please feel free to speak with your Programme Manager at any time if you have ideas, questions or concerns.

Parent Participation

familyOur “Open Door” policy at each School’s Out centre means parents are welcome to visit our centres and experience the day to day variety of activities and learning that we offer. We believe it is of utmost importance for our staff to give consistent loving care to your child/ren and provide a happy environment that fosters positive learning experiences as well as being good fun. We invite you to call in at any time to check out our happy, busy, creative centres and to observe your child at play. It is very important to us that your child progresses well while in our care and we invite you, the parents, to work with us in helping your child develop to their full potential. We encourage your input and always want to hear about the progress your child is making at home, or any concerns you may have. School’s Out have a non-discriminatory and non-biased policy. We do not discriminate against children from non-English backgrounds or children with special needs. However if your child has special needs we will need to discuss these with you and negotiate individual requirements regarding support required and whether the environment we are operating in, is is the best option for your child.

Health and Safety

Sun safety is very important for all of us. It is our policy that all children wear sun hats outside during the summer months. Sunscreen will be provided and applied before going outdoors.  If you child has sunscreen allergies then we ask you to provide one suitable for your child. childMaintaining a healthy environment is extremely important at our centres. We wish to protect all children and staff from illness so we ask that if your child is unwell, or showing any signs of being unwell, you keep him or her at home. The Programme Manager reserves the right to send home or refuse attendance to any child that is considered unwell. If your child requires medication whilst in our care, you will need to complete a Medication Administration Form each day that the medication is required. All medication must be handed directly to the staff member that is responsible for your child so that it can be safely stored in an area out of reach of children. The importance of hand washing is paramount when it comes to a healthy environment. We have strict hand washing procedures and children are asked to wash and dry their hands before and after eating, after using the toilet and following activities such as glueing or painting. An Emergency Evacuation plan is on display at each centre, and fire drills are carried out once a term. Members of our staff hold current First Aid Certificates. In the event of an accident we will seek medical advice for your child and parents will be notified. Please talk to the Programme Manager if you have any other Health and Safety concerns as we have a very comprehensive Policies and Procedures Document.