Terms & Conditions

At School’s Out we acknowledge that handing over your child/children to others for their care and welfare can be a difficult process. In the effort to ease this situation we would like to invite you to spend some time with us during your first visit so that we can get to know you and your child better.

This will provide us with the opportunity to introduce you to the programme, meet the staff and discuss any concerns that you may have. School’s Out’s desire is to make sure that your child receive the best experience when they are not with you and to ensure we are able to achieve that we need to obtain some further information from you.

This is a requirement of our ongoing accreditation with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) and will provide you with peace of mind that you are receiving best-practice service delivery. To achieve this, School’s Out has set out a set of robust Terms & Conditions of Enrolment as detailed here. Please ensure that you acknowledge and understand every statement in full and that all compulsory questions have been completed as true and correct on the online Enrolment Safety Form.

You agree to abide by the rules of the School’s Out programme as set down by management, and the expectations as detailed in the Parent Information Guide. Please note – enrolments/bookings may be revoked at any time due to unpaid fees or a breach of the behaviour expectations. Also agreed:

– Confirmation of all bookings is at the sole discretion of School’s Out.
– Temporary stand-down periods imposed and/or permanent exclusion from the programme is at the sole discretion of School’s Out.

Fee Review
The Fee Schedule is current as advertised, however may be subject to change. Where possible at least two weeks’ notice of any changes will be provided. School’s Out reserves the right to add, amend, clarify or delete terms, conditions or policies by issuing newsletters, notices, or posting notification on one of the programme notice boards or similar online digital platforms.

Payment Terms
Our preferred method of payment is via Credit/Debit card. Other payment options include: online internet banking, EFTPOS, cash, and automatic payments. Please enquire with the Programme Manager for available payment options, as these differ between centres. Fees must be always maintained at least one week in advance. One week’s fees must be paid before your child starts attending the programme.

You accept full responsibility for payment of fees for all booked days, on the basis that the Fee Schedule is current at the time your booking is made. Irrespective of any arrangement with any third party, including Work and Income NZ (WINZ), You agree to pay the fees. you acknowledge, understand, and accept that if any fee or charge remains unpaid beyond the time specified in the Fee Policy, my child’s enrolment may be cancelled, and the outstanding debt passed on to a debt collection agency – you will be responsible for any costs incurred in this process. Interest may be charged on all overdue balances and any collection costs will be charged to your account.

In the event of fees being in arrears you acknowledge a late payment fee will be charged in accordance with the current fee schedule issued by the centre. Additionally, you acknowledge you will be liable for interest on all outstanding amounts at the current rate and that all debt collection costs will be charged in addition to fees, interest, and late payment charges.

The terms of this agreement are subject to the centre rules and regulations, and as such, rules and regulations may hereafter be amended from time to time:

– You agree to pay one week’s pre-payment deposit in advance.
– You agree to pay fees, as per the current fee schedule, weekly in advance.
– You agree to give at least one week’s notice (via Enrolmy, email, text or in writing directly to the centre) when changing or cancelling your child’s booking. Any changes or cancellations made within 7-days may incur a full charge for the booking change or removal.
– You agree to pay fees for the times and sessions booked during term time Before School care and/or After School care, and Holiday Programmes, whether your child attends or not, for sick days or any other absences.
– You agree to pay a 10% penalty (based on the amount owing) if your fees become in arrears. You acknowledge that the late payment of fees may result in your child’s space being cancelled and all debt collection fees payable by the bill-payer.
– You agree to pay a Late Fee if your child is left at the programme outside of operating hours, as the programme is not authorised for care during this time. A penalty of $25.00 per 15 minutes (or part thereof) may be charged if you fail to collect your child within the booked timeframe.
– You acknowledge that if utilising the OSCAR WINZ Subsidy, your child must attend the hours that you have applied for.

Payment Requests (Pre-payment Deposits)
One week’s fees are to be paid upon confirmation of your booking, which will be applied to your account. This is non-refundable if your child does not start with the programme. If you have already submitted a WINZ OSCAR Subsidy application, then the Pre-payment is less the confirmed WINZ subsidy amount received.

Changes & Notice Periods
We require one weeks’ notice if you wish to cancel or change your child’s booking. All bookings are locked into the Enrolmy online booking platform, one week prior. If you receive a WINZ OSCAR Subsidy, you must contact the programme staff directly for any changes you require to your booking, and please ensure WINZ are notified directly of any adjustments made.

To ensure the best possible care for your child, it is important that you inform the programme prior to the session commencing they are booked into, on the day your child is going to be absent. The normal fee will be charged. Please note, failure to notify us of any absence, will incur an additional fee for the time spent confirming your child’s safety and their whereabouts.

If you believe you are eligible for a WINZ OSCAR Subsidy, please read the WINZ information sheet available at the programme. Even if you are eligible for the WINZ OSCAR Subsidy, it remains your responsibility to ensure your account is always paid in advance, and to pay any part of your fees which are not covered by a subsidy – this is referred to as the ‘Parent Portion’. Always ensure your application renewal is lodged with WINZ prior to your child attending the programme, or prior to expiry of the current subsidy i.e. an application or declaration form needs to be completed prior to each school holiday period and/or each school term.

It is your responsibility to keep WINZ fully informed of any changes in circumstances or care arrangements.

1. Purpose
The Privacy Act 1993 was introduced to promote and protect individual’s privacy and is being updated in December 2020. The Act gives individuals some measure of control over personal information about themselves. The provisions of the Act apply to all persons and organisations within New Zealand and overseas organisations operating in New Zealand, in respect of personal information held by them other than for the purpose of their personal, family or household affairs. The main objective of the act is to promote and protect personal information.

The privacy principles are the core of the Privacy Act, and need to be adhered to when dealing with the following:

– The collection of personal information.
– The storage of personal information.
– The use of personal information.

This means, in practice, when requests for personal information are received from an individual or agency, School’s Out will consider the request in terms of the Information Privacy Principles to see whether the information should be disclosed. All such requests require judgement on a case-by-case basis, and if there is a difficult case then refer to the School’s Out Privacy Officer for a decision.

2. Privacy Officer
School’s Out Ltd has an appointed Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer’s responsibilities shall include encouraging compliance with the Act’s principles, ensuring compliance with privacy provisions, dealing with privacy requests, and working with the Privacy Commission if a complaint is made and an investigation is carried out.

The Privacy Officer for School’s Out is the Support & Compliance Manager.

3. Principles of the Act
– Principle 1 Collecting personal information for a lawful and necessary purpose.
– Principle 2 Collecting personal information directly from the individual concerned, with certain exceptions.
– Principle 3 Inform the person that information is being collected, why, and whom will have access to the information, whether it is compulsory and what will happen if they do not provide it.
– Principle 4 Collecting personal information in a lawful, fair and reasonable manner.
– Principle 5 Securely storing personal information.
– Principle 6 Ensuring individuals can exercise their right, with certain exceptions, to access personal information held by an agency about them.
– Principle 7 Ensuring individuals can exercise their right, with exception, to request correction of the information held about them.
– Principle 8 An agency takes all steps to ensure the accuracy of personal information before use or disclosure.
– Principle 9 An Agency holds information for no longer than necessary.
– Principle 10 Placing limits on the use of personal information by an agency.
– Principle 11 Placing limits on the disclosure of personal information by an agency.
– Principle 12 Placing limits on the disclosure of personal information outside of New Zealand.
– Principle 13 Assigning of a unique identifier to an individual.

4. Procedures
– Staff must observe the intent of the legislation by keeping all records and personal information relating to individuals secure.
– Secure storage of all such personal information is required – locking cabinets, filing cabinets and drawers need to be fully functional.
– No staff member shall disclose any personal information whatsoever to another party without the express written consent of that individual, or their legal caregiver.
– All such personal information, records, written material, will be securely stored and out of sight of the general public at all times.
– Any requests from other services or parties (including a parent who is not the main caregiver) for personal information will be referred to the Privacy Officer or the School’s Out National Manager who will advise on the correct procedures.

5. Privacy Information Disclaimer
School’s Out reserves the right to exclude individuals from any of their OSCAR programmes if the information provided does not meet the minimum prescribed, accreditation standards to ensure that the duty-of-care for any child can be met. These standards are mandated and audited by the sector’s governing body, the Ministry of Social Development (please refer to the School’s Out Policies & Procedures for further information).

Unacceptable Behaviour
School’s Out maintains a zero-tolerance stance for physical violence, foul language and intentional damage to property or equipment. Parents/caregivers are notified of any disruption caused by their child. If the behaviour is considered a risk to others, your child will be removed immediately and may be excluded from future attendance. You agree to accept the cost of any damage wilfully caused by your child and you agree to pick up your child immediately if his/her behaviour is deemed unacceptable. No refund will apply for any session that the child is excluded from.

It is the expectation that all children are sufficiently toilet-trained prior to attending our programmes. School’s Out acknowledges that soiling accidents involving children can occur within the programme and our staff will do their best to clean-up any soiled child, and you will be advised accordingly of the incident. If soiling issues continue, we will speak to you about the viability of your child continuing their care with School’s Out, as our ratios do not allow for continuous 1:1 care of children. As a result, a stand-down period may be discussed and imposed, until such time as the toileting issues have been addressed, however please note that School’s Out also reserves the right to permanently exclude any child from our programmes due to continued toileting issues.

Activities & Excursions
School’s Out staff will do their best to ensure a safe, fun, and quality experience for your child. However, School’s Out staff and volunteers will be free and clear of all liability if any injury, damage, or loss is sustained to your child or their personal effects that they have brought to the programme.

Health & Safety
Minor Health & Safety accidents and/or incidents will be treated appropriately by programme staff. In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, you understand my child will be transported to hospital or nearest emergency medical facility (in an ambulance if necessary), and parents or a named contact person will be notified immediately. All medical costs incurred are at the child’s Principal caregiver’s expense.

Any child with flu-like or communicable/infectious disease symptoms (see Pandemic Policy), fever, rash, sticky eyes, diarrhoea, or vomiting is required to stay home until 48 hours after symptoms settle.

Any child who exhibits any of the above conditions during the programme will be isolated away from other children and their parent/caregiver will be contacted immediately to collect them and advised how to do so in a safe manner.

In relation to the care and treatment of my child:
– You give permission for my child to be given basic First Aid treatment by the staff.
– You give permission for my child’s head to be checked for head lice by the Programme Manager or Assistant Manager. You are aware that in the case of my child having head lice, she/he may be asked to stay home until treated.
– You give permission for Arnica Cream, Bepanthen or similar, to be applied to bumps and bruises.
– You give permission for the staff to apply a N.Z. approved Sun block to my child/children (unless they provide their own sunscreen due to allergies).

Programme staff are trained to deal with emergencies and natural disasters. In the event of a Civil Emergency, programme staff will remain with the children until such time as they cleared or evacuated by authorised personnel, and the children have been returned to their parent/caregiver.

It is your responsibility as the parent/caregiver/authorised person to sign your child in and/or out each day at the appropriate times and in the prescribed manner – this a mandatory procedure as part of our accreditation with MSD. Non-attendance or failure to complete this process will result in programme staff having to execute this on your behalf and will require a follow-up signature from you at your next attendance. Any repeated breaches of the prescribed process may result in your child being excluded from the programme and/or a penalty fee of $5.00 per failed procedure being added to your account.

For safety and identification purposes, you consent to a photograph of my child’s identity being taken by programme staff and uploaded into the Enrolmy database. You acknowledge and understand that this photo will not be disseminated publicly whatsoever and will only be used for its intended purpose by School’s Out staff members.

Medication & Behavioural Care Requirements
All medications administered to your child/children by the centre must be handed to the supervisor on arrival at the centre and must be signed in the Medication Register by a parent or guardian (see Administration of Medicine Policy). For safety reasons, medication must be within the expiry date and if prescribed by a Doctor, it must have the correct child/children’s name on it.

Custodial Statement
School’s Out will ensure every effort is made to maintain the safety and security of your child while in our care and therefore we ask that all relevant details are recorded accurately on your child’s online Enrolment Safety Form.

Payment Agreement & Declaration
You acknowledge and understand that any booking with School’s Out is not confirmed until it has been verified and accepted by the centre and you have completed an initial face-to-face meeting with a member of staff at the centre (for new customers), and also that my School’s Out account has been deemed to be up-to-date and clear of any outstanding balances.

You declare that all information provided on the online Enrolment Safety Form, is true and correct and is not intended to mislead in any way. You will make the appropriate updates via the Enrolmy Parent Portal, or advise the centre as soon as possible, of any changes to the information contained therein.

Information provided by parents/guardians is required for statistical purposes, MSD audits, to ensure contact in an emergency and to facilitate individual care and attention for your child. School’s Out follows the principles of the Privacy Act 1993. As required by the Vulnerable Children Act 2014, this information may be shared with appropriate organisations if there are any concerns for the safety of a child or another family member.

School’s Out will provide a minimum of 4-weeks’ notice of any changes to our Terms & Conditions of Enrolment. Advisement of any changes will be communicated via email, our website, and other digital platforms.